It is not easy for me to write an ending story of Eve & Nana.
I wanted to live with them more and more.
But the end has come.
Soft and fluffy touch of their coat, swinging tails, their way to lick my face, low and profound voice, gentle eyes, smell, everything has gone to past.
It is difficult to describe how Eve and Nana has made us happy and made our life plentiful in love.
They gave us a pure and straight love, we caught it and we gave it back to them.
So I would like to tell an ending story of Eve & Nana to all the Lab-lovers and dog-lovers.

about EVE
I remember that I read a book on dogs when I decided to have Eve and learnt the average span of big dog's life is around 10 years.
I got feel uneasy when Eve was getting 10 years old.
But she put one year on another and enjoyed birthday cakes for years.
We celebrated her 16th birthday on March 15, 2006.
It was our great joy that she was with us until that day.
She was not always very healthy until that day.
How many times I worried about her health.
Lipoma on her thigh could have been malignant to cut off her legs.
She had an operation to take off hematoma on her ear.
Also she had an operation to take off womb late in her life.
She was not always in good health and was a frequent vet visitor.
She lived with us inside our house and we could watch her closely.
Maybe that is why she lived long.

Spring of 2006 passed slowly and it turned June.
She could take a walk with us at very low pace.
Nana was patient to walk with Eve.
Walking with Eve ended in June as dementia seemed start.

One day I could not find her in the room and found her walking around just outside the house.
She went through doggie door, walked down a few steps to the ground and could not find a way back.
She was soaked in the rain, exhausted but walking very slowly trying to find a way.
I tried to lead her in the house but I could not have her climb three steps.
She was exhausted and she was a big dog.
At this very moment, my husband, who was supposed at his office, appeared and asked, smiling.
“What are you doing?”
Maybe we looked a little bit funny.
“It's not a laughing matter, help us!” I replied.
That seemed the beginning of nursing care for Eve.

I started nursing diary on July 15, diary of pees and poos.
As she could not walk out and do it by herself at that time.
I noted what time she did it everyday so that I could take her out on time.
Living room turned to nursing room for Eve.
I prepared cushions and pet sheets on her bed.
Everytime after she excreted, I laid her down turning over to avoid a bedsore.

My sister's family joined us for the vacation in the hot summer.
Eve used to weigh nearly 90 lb. when she was young and very big.
But she gradually lose weight and turned less than 60 lb.
She became thin and I could barely hold her when excretion.
But she was a big dog and it was very tough to hold her.
I tried some harness for nursing but none of them was very good.
At last, I made it myself and it worked good.
Without this hand-made harness, it had been very tough business to take her to pees and poos.
Vacation was over and my siste's family went home.

It turned September.
Eve grew weak and we became sad.
It was on 12 of September.
My vet came to my house and took care of Eve but, at that night, she passed away.
It was just 11:00 pm.
She lost light in her eyes and never react what we tell her.
“Wake up Eve, wake up!” I murmured repeatedly.
It is painful that I still remember what I said.
I put a blanket over Eve and she was still a little warm until next morning.
But Eve was gone.
She was cremated courteously.
My vet recommended to keep some hair so we put some of it in small silver box in memory of her.
Now she sleeps under a small heart-shaped gravestone.

I received many care and concern from many people.
I appreciate it from my heart.

abut NANA
Nana was always a naughty and brisk dog.
She always slept with Eve making Eve's hips a pillow.
Nana loved Eve more than anyone else in my family.

Dog cares hierarchy in a family.
I put Eve above Nana.
I think that manner gave us a long peaceful life for them.
But sometime in the course of their lives, it turned a little unfair to Nana.
Eve was old and Nana was still young.
Nana complained occasionally but saved Eve's face till the end.
She loved Eve so much, didn't she.

Nana lost beloved Eve, her mother dog.
Nana was never apart from Eve since she was born.
Nana was always with Eve and it was natural for her.

Since Eve passed away, Nana was the first dog not a second one in my family.

But since then, Nana started lose vigor.
She was young and brisk when she was second but it was a quick change.
It seemed Eve was the center of Nana's life.
Nana's grief was reflected on her health.

In 2006, She was healthy for the time being.
It was a time we spent days closely with Nana.
Love for Eve was also for Nana.
I loved her so much.
She amply healed me a loss of Eve.

In 2007, she was getting unwell with intestines.
It was fluctuating, sometimes good as before but sometimes bad.
She was also unwell with her legs.
She dragged her hind legs when she walked.
I bought her a pair of boots and it made her easy to walk.
It was a big difference.

On November 12, she turned 15 years old.
We were all waiting for this birthday.

But she was getting unwell with intestines gradually and steadily.
She discharged black loose stool frequently.
We had a tough time in winter.
While people were rushing to Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Nana was suffering from vomiting and diarrhea.
I wondered with my vet if she could survive the rest of the year.
And she survived and had a Happy New Year.
But she got worse.
We put her on a drip and gave her shots of antibiotic.
My vet sometimes came to inspect her.

On January 20.
Nana passed away silently 5 o'clock in the evening.
She was born and gone in this house.
Thank you Nana for being with us.
Thank you Nana for being No.1 dog for us.
Now she is sleeping together with Eve.
They sleep under two small heart-shaped gravestones side by side.
And they keep their eyes on us everyday.

Lastly, I would like to write about nursing old dogs.
From my experience, dogs will be fine and healthy until around 12 years old even though they may have disease and injuries.
They will be fine at the age of 13 or 14 years old if they don't have serious disease or accident.
After that they may reach a phase of nursing care.
I would like to expect the dog owners to take care of them sincerely so that dogs conclude their happy life with good ending.
I didn't stop taking out Eve and Nana for walking despite of their age.
What if keeping them inside?
Even human beings may lose their will to live if they were in monotony of daily life.
Looking up at the sky, walking on the ground, seeing fresh verdure and feeling the changing of seasons.
There I find joy of living.
I managed to lift heavy Eve on my car.
I helped Nana to jump in my car.
Everyday I took them out for walking.
I redecorated the living room for nursing when they could not take a walk.
The living room where we spent daily life together was also a nursing room.
I noticed a change of their condition easily.
I bought for them a bed which could easily be cleaned when got dirty.
Some pet sheets were on it.
Some cushions on the bed were useful to avoid bedsores.
It was also useful to avoid bedsores to turn over them regularly after they were taken our for excretion.
It is my small pride that neither Eve nor Nana had bedsores.
As Nana had frequent vomits and diarrhea, I tried to keep her clean.
Wet cloth was not enough to clean her after excretion.
Bubble shampoo for baby was useful to wipe out dirt easily.
I prepared a lot of small disposable clothes from worn-out towels and shirts.
With that cloth, I patted them gently.
They passed away silently.
Nursing is the last thing that you can do for your pet.
It is very tough to do.
But it is the last time when you may have something warm from them.
Please give them love and affection until their last time.