For long time my husband and I lived with 2 labradors.
On September 12th in 2006, Eve passed away .
On January 20th in 2008, Nana, Eve's daughter, also passed away .
I knew such a day would come someday, but I was deeply sad.
My husband even said to me " I don't have a dog any more".
But it was difficult for me to live without a dog.
We argued over this for a short time.
Finally My husband gave in to having a dog.
Then we joined up to search our dog.

Labrador is the best dog for me.
However it was hard for me to take care of such a big dogs when they were old.
So I started looking for a middle-sized dog.
I got a lot of information on the books or on the internet.
At last I found a dog.
This is the one! I thought.
It was Welsh springer spaniel.
Welshie was ideal for me, middle-sized, smart, friendly and cute.
However, no breeders seemed to be found in Japan.
So I tried to search for them in foreign countries.
I chose Australia.

After spending a lot of time to search for the good breeder, I stopped at the web site of Goldmaid.
Luckily, Goldmaid was a great breeder.
Through making contacts with Goldmaid, I thought I could rely on them.

I tried to find a name of next dog in “Baby Names World".
But they had confusingly too many names to choose one.
Finally I decided to name a dog Mona.
I like the meaning of "Mona".
It means a nice little noble one in Greek.
Mona might be the last dog for us.

It was a very long time until Mona was born and longer time it was until I finally met her.
At last Mona flew to Japan on June 22, 2008.
What will Mona's future be?

I could not update my web site for a long time as I had hard days taking care of Eve and Nana.

But now I can make a new step.
And the new story begins.