I was lucky to meet Welsh Springer Spaniel and “Goldmaid” of its breeder.
Website of Goldmaid shows that Debbie has a profound knowledge and experience and she breeds Welshies with pride and affection to the dogs.
Naturally enough Goldmaid has produced a lot of Champions and Grand Champions of Welshies.
I believe Gold maid is under Debbie's careful and patient control.
Since the first time my husband e-mailed Debbie, she has given us a detailed information frequently. She has been much kind than the breeders in Japan despite she is far away from here.
She sent us many photos of puppies which were just born, barely opened the eyes, sleeping together, walking around and napping with a cat.
It was our first time to import a dog but she advised us what and how to do the things.
Also she helped us in documentations.
As she was very experienced and efficient in handling exporting matter, we had nothing to do but just to wait.

Mona arrived with detailed documents on meals and health care.
A small notebook was attached and had a record of vaccination and a microchip.

I just wondered if a breeder in Japan would do the things like that.
I sometimes notice puppies treated just as a merchandise.
A puppy less than one month old in a showcase.
It is pity to see such a puppy but now I will only see my Mona.

My darling Mona arrived in Japan in high spirits.

I am very grateful to Goldmaid.
Thank you Debbie.

I would like to draw sincere dog-lovers attentions to Welshies.
I believe Goldmaid's dogs are the dogs for dog-lovers.

Now I would like to introduce Goldmaid.